Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, to all of you for the wonderful time we had with you at the Christmas party, your thoughtful gifts of love, and the wonderful visits we had with you on Christmas day and the day after. You are all awesome! We will look forward to seeing you all at our January Activity that Jeff & Laura are planning.

May you have a happy and healthy New Year. We love you all!

Love, M&D, G&G

p.s. For those who are interested, there are 54 parachute games and activities available online at: www.moogieland.com/parachutegames2.html

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jaclnyn's Christmas VIllage Choir Performance

It will be on December 9th she has to be there by 6pm choir may preform around 6:15ish

Sunday, November 16, 2008

THANKSGIVING Family Party!!!

First of all, to begin, we want to thank all of you for your prayers and all your help during and after surgery. We don't know where we'd be without you all! Many prayers were answered and have given such comfort. We have had so much help not only from friends and neighbors and ward members, but our fabulous family! I am progressing little by little, ahhh, I forgot how these abdominal (just like c-section) surgeries are to recover (the things we take for granted :)
. . . (Laura you were right, you feel good, then do a lot and then you don't feel so good!) But in time, I know it will get better. I had my first day out yesterday, a perfect sunny day - it was beautiful! It wore me out but it was worth it. I got some help from Fran! Last night, (drum roll)the first in about 3 or 4, I didn't have night sweats or hot flashes and I was able to sleep! WOW-how wonderful!!!

Now to let you know about our Thanksgiving get-together, Jason had a suggestion, all those who served missions are invited to set up a display with pictures, memorabilia, and anything you wish to show from your mission, please bring and share it with us. It will be lots of fun to see and hear about those amazing experiences and some of the best times of our lives.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hi Family!
This past month we have had two great family activities! Special thanks to Laura & Jeff for the fun evening at the annual Mystery Dinner. It’s fun to play dress up and pretend no matter how old one is!
Thanks to Steve & Candee for the family Halloween Party. The spooks had a memorable time "trick or treating" together. It’s also fun for Grandpa & Grandma to see the kids have so much fun getting their stash!
Our trip to the Cannery was successful. We hope those of you who got products will enjoy them. We hope that each of you will let us know how you are using the rest of the Christmas Gift for preparedness.
Saturday - Nov. 22nd Shower for Leticia & Jared at Dad & Mom’s
Tuesday - Nov. 25th Jared & Leticia receive endowments in Salt Lake
Temple 10 a.m. session - arrive by 9:30 a.m.
Saturday - Nov. 29th noon Thanksgiving at Jason & Jen’s church
3 blocks North of them. See below for food assignments*
Tuesday - Dec. 2nd Jared & Leticia’s wedding & sealing - 9:30 a.m. at
the Ogden Temple
Saturday - Dec. 13th Barlow Christmas Party 2 p.m. at White House
Pat Berglund & Brad Barlow family will send more info.
Saturday - Dec. 20th Tesch Family Christmas Party 4 p.m. at Dad &
Mom’s church
*Thanksgiving Food Assignments:
Jason & Jen - Turkey & Potatoes (decorations)
Steve & Candee – Dressing & Pies (table cloths & decorations)
Curt & Becky -- Yams & cranberry orange relish
Jeff & Laura -- Cooked vegetables & Pies
Mark & Becky -- Fluff & rolls
Dad & Mom -- Turkey, gravy, ice cream, paper products, (decorations)
Everyone bring something to share later to snack on such as: crackers, cheese, relish tray, fruit, chips, finger foods.
We will put on a quilt for Jared & Leticia & we can easily finish in a couple hours. Please call Mom if you have any questions. We look forward to being with you all to share these memorable blessings together.
Love, Mom & Dad

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party

Thanks to everyone for coming last night. We had a great time and really enjoyed having everyone over. Our kids aren't feeling well today from eating all the candy and Dad isn't feeling too well from eating too many brownies. Hope to see you all again soon. Love you all.

Oh if you have a minute I am working on my website the next couple of weeks and any feedback you have would be appreciated. Check it out at http://www.keystonerecruiting.com/ and email suggestions to me at sbtesch@msn.com.

Thanks for all you do for our family.

Love, The Tesch Tribe

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The murderer is in the house! Are you watching behind you?...
Just wait it will be one of your turn next year!=)
Hey- Jeff and Laura, just wanted to say thank you for a very fun evening!
We had a blast! Thank you so much! It was great to be with all of you and
we'll see you on Friday at Steve and Candee's.
Also, I assume you all have heard, I am not going in for surgery tomorrow.
Good-cuz surgery is no fun. Bad-cuz we were all ready to get it over with (mentally, physically, emotionally, all that good stuff). But thankful-cuz my doctor was guided and felt it would not be safe at this time. So, pray that it will be next Monday, if that is what should be.
Thanks to you all for your love and support. Your are awesome and I feel blessed to have such amazing worthy priesthood holders to give me a blessing.
Love you all!
You're the BEST!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Murder Mystery Party

Remember to be dere at 5pm on October 25th. Pleassee let me know if you are not going to be dere!!

The guests at S.P. Keasy's would have been fashionably attired in the latest styles of 1928. For gentelmen, this would have consisted of a double-breasted suit (preferably striped) with wide trousers and fat ties. Evening gowns, beads and feathers are all great for the evening or "Flapper" attire for women included cloche hats and T-strap pumps or loose low wasted dresses often fringed or beaded with a bow or ribbon at the hip. Feel free to emphasize the flavor of your character rather than the occasion.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Please put on your calender that Oct. 31st Halloween we will be having our family get together at the Tesch Tribe home. The plan is to have chili, chips and cheese. We would also like to play some games as adults if possible. The plan will be to meet at 4:30 at our home and eat then. Then at 5:30 take little ones out together and then at 6:30 the older kids can continue to trick and treat while the adults play some fun games. The little kids can watch movies in the man cave too. We look forward also to the adult night which Jeff and Laura are taking care of, thankfully.

See you soon,
Tesch Tribe

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We ditto all that has been said about couple's night. It was super! Great job, Becky & Mark - THANKS!!! It was so fun to be together with you all - WE LOVE YOU!
This has been a very spiritual and physical draining week. Sunday was an awesome day for Jason and I, we were reminded of how blessed we are to live where we do, we are suppose to be here, we are lead by amazing men in our stake, who are lead by the Spirit and are very close to our Heavenly Father and the Savior. We were also reminded of the love our Father has for us and how he is very aware of our pain and all that we are going through, he is with us. He knows each one of us individually and our potential we have. Always be the best we can be. He loves us so much.
Yesterday and today have been hard for me (Jen), I have been in a lot of pain and have relied on my sweetie for everything. I am so blessed to have him. He is truly amazing! He has been mom, dad, carpooler, helping in Jayden's class, launderer, housekeeper, you name it, and provider all in two days. He is leaving for Montana in the morning for work and will be gone a few days, so he is a little worried. However, I am doing a little better tonight, so I think we are good. The kids are usually very helpful. They have been very concerned about me and my health, they are awesome. I am so blessed!
The kids are doing amazing in school, they love it and their teachers speak very highly of them. It sure is hard not to feel too proud. Jayden is in the mixed choir at school and also made it for audition choir. He decided the night before try-outs he was going to give it a try. He loves it now that he is in. He will have several performances and we'll let you know when, you are welcome to attend. He is still doing piano and looks forward to basketball starting soon.
Maddie is sooooooooooo smart and is at the top of the kindergarten. She learns things so easily, except the numbers 6, 8 and 9. She's almost got them! She is at the beginning stages of reading, she can hardly wait to read all her books. She also is becoming quite the artist, Jayden comments that she draws better than him and she agrees. Even she tells us that she is better than everyone in her class. She is very confident in herself. She loves school so much, it just doesn't start soon enough, she has to wait all morning, but it is great for her and I to have some one-on-one time together, before she leaves at 12:15.
Hope you are all doing well. We will see you all soon, Conference weekend?....Right?!?!
Love you all!!!
Thanks to Mark & Becky for the informative and fun evening. It was great to be with all of you. How blessed we feel to have such a great family and that they enjoy being together. The information was very timely. Dad & I didn't know what the video was about and yet we were thinking about preparedness as well. We are concerned that we are going to have some difficult and trying times ahead. If we listen and heed the counsel of our Prophet and do as we have been counseled we have no need to fear. Several of our family have reaped the blessings of food storage. We pray that we may all continue to prepare, especially spiritually. Check out Helaman 12 and see if it sounds like today.
Have a great trip Jeff & Laura! We love you all! See you at the next one.
Love ya! Dad & Mom

On my records I show that Steve & Candee - October, Jason & Jen - November,
Dad & I - December. If that isn't correct let me know.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Couples Night

Thanks to Becky and Mark for the great night last night. I was a little worried about feeling guilty on a date night like we weren't prepared but I will be honest, Candee and I are fired up to get prepared. We are so excited to try some of the things we learned last night. It was nice to laugh and have a good time too. We are anxious for our next activity already. We feel so blessed to have such a great family.

By the way who has October? Is it Jeff and Laura?

Just a quick update. Spencer is giving his first talk in sacrament meeting today. Josh is the school mascot for this year and has a mojor part in a school production. Spencer and Andrew are both doing ballroom. The girls all love school too. Moriah has a hard time not being with the other kids though. She only goes Mon. Wed. and Fri. In fact yesterday (Saturday) all of the kids were at friends and Moriah was helping Daddy clean out the garage and she looked really sad and I asked what was wrong and she said that she missed her family and started to cry. It was sooooooo sweat but also reminded me that we need to try to do more as a family. We often get so busy doing our thing that we forget those that mean the most.

Candee is going crazy with dejunking the house. I have made so many trips to the dumps and DI that its crazy. Maybe I shouldn't have quit Living Scriptures its harder working for Candee. No really its great!!! Yes I did quit my job and they offered part-time if I want it to suppliment the change. I will be getting the contract on Monday from HCA and I will have to review it for a couple of days but then I will be sending them the check and the contract and start my business within a few days. We are so excited.

Anyway thanks again for a great night!!! We sure love you all.

Tesch Tribe

Monday, September 15, 2008

Auston's Football Game

If anyone would like to watch Auston's football game he will play on the 27th in Plain City at the Lee Olsen Park at 8:30 in the morning. The address is 4150 W 2200 N. He wears all black uniforms with white helmets. His number is 77 and he plays on the Jr. Midget Team. GO WARRIORS!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Every time someone comes to our house we just work them over. Jeff and Laura just had a rough time picking apples. If you need a good nap just come and pick produce at our house then the couch is yours.

Love you all!

Bowles Bunch

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tesch Tribes New Adventure

Just a quick update. First thank you to all who have included us in your fasting and prayers. Since I wrote last I have been evaluated by three owner operators from Health Care Recruiter and everyone of them have given me an outstanding review and each believes I will be amazing at this business. In fact one of the guys happened to have worked in a similar sales situation that I have, has six kids and get this is a member of the church. We really hit it off and may work together in the future on some deals. I really feel the Lord's hand is in all of this. I still have a lot to do to actually start the business but the more I look into it the more excited I get and know that it is where I am suppose to be. We even had a family night about the change tonight and the kids are really excited about the prospects of Dad working at home even with some of the sacrifices it will require of all of us for the next many months as I build the business. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, it really helps.

Love you all so much,
Steve (Tesch Tribe)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Take a look at mom and dad after a rough day picking peaches at our house. Their must have been something in those peaches.
I am so glad you had a good time Mom and Dad! We all know how stressful the last several months has been for you. We love you so much. Thanks so much for always being there for each of us in our trials. What can we do to better take care of YOU two?

Steve and Candee, we will keep you in our prayers. Change is scary but can end up being a blessing.

Everyone, lets dedicate our fast next week to Steve that he will find success in this new career. We actually had our fast Sunday yesterday due to Stake Conference next week but we would love to fast with everyone for Steve and Candee.

My testimony of fasting has grown tremendously over the last few years. We have seen incredible miracles over and over as a ward. We have seen not only Laura recover from cancer but many others - some were given little hope by doctors. When we show our faith through prayer and fasting our Heavenly Father blesses us.

I had a great experience up at the cabin Saturday. Me, Brice, Alan drove up together. It was fun to get to know them a little better. Brenda, Jay and Tracy were up there as well. We were able to accomplish so much. If any of you need or want firewood there is an incredible amount of wood just laying around that would be good to harvest. It could even be a great scout project to earn some $$$. I understand that a cord of wood sells for about $150. Call Jay if you are interested. Over the next few years there will be opportunities to go up and help upgrade and build the shower house. I know you all wanted to go this past weekend. I also know how hard it is to find time for anything extra. Even if it is only one of our family that makes it up on a work weekend it will show our commitment. It really could end up being a more comfortable facility for the family.

Hope all of you are settling in to school schedules well.

Love you all,

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hi Family!
Thank you Jeff & Laura and all of you for a wonderful reunion! Dad & I marveled how very blessed we are to have such a great family and what a choice time we had with one another. It is such a blessing to see our grandchildren having so much fun together laughing and playing together. Also to see our children loving to be with one another.
Yes, Dad & Mom have returned! Monday after going for physical therapy on my knee & leg we headed out to Moosehorn Lake in the Uintahs. We had a wonderful, relaxing time. The scenery was heavenly! It was cool but we loved it. We came home on Friday as the crowds were ascending. Being out in nature really rejuvenates us. It was the first time we have taken out our trailer other than the reunion this summer.
We are so glad to have this method of communicating with you all. Thanks Jeff & Laura for setting it up. We hope all is well with all of you.
Good luck, Steve & Candee on your new adventure. We would like to hear more about it. We will be praying for you. Dad & I pray every day for all of you in your decisions, that you will be guided and protected from evil.
Melanie and Emily got home from the hospital on Tuesday and are trying to adjust. It is really going to be a challenge for them all. Continue to keep them in your prayers.
Saturday, Sept. 6th will be the 30th Anniversary of the Huntsville Stake formation. You are all invited to the celebration. If you are interested call us for more details.
We hope all of you grandchildren are excited to be back to school! I remember as our children started school you would have a blessing. I know that helped you. We will be praying for all of you. Also good luck Curt with your new schedule 10 hrs. 4 days a week and school.
We love you all and pray for you. We hope to see you soon.
Mom & Dad

Saturday, August 30, 2008

We wish you good luck Steve & Candee! Keep us posted. This is great to keep updated on at least some of us...HINT-HINT! Hope you all will join the family blog. We have an awesome family and we really need each other. Hope you all are well & have a great weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Off on my last road trip. Yea!!!! Blackfoot Idaho. Just a few days. Just to let everyone know I have started due dilligence with buying into the Health Care Recruiting Business. I am excited and scared at the same time. The Lord has really helped us with every step though and we know its the right thing to do. I will be leaving LSI in a couple of weeks. I am planning to ask them if I can still sell while I get this going but I am not counting on that. Love you all and wish you the best. See you soon?


PS- Jen loved your update. Its great to share those experiences with you (good and bad). Your in my prayers.
Thanks Jeff! Mom left me a message on Monday and said they would be coming home either Friday or Saturday. I miss them and will be glad to have them home. Are you heading to the cabin this weekend?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jenny, WOW I hope you get feeling better! Thanks for the update.

Does anyone know when Mom and Dad are going to be home?


We are here!!!

Hey sorry we haven't contributed yet! We too have been very busy. We had a blast at the reunion, a great big thanks to Jeff and Laura. We vote next year to go for a whole week! It didn't feel like quite enough! It was super fun! We said next year even if we have a trailor, we doubt we'd stay in it. We'd miss out on too much (Steve and Candee - flashes in the night that blind you while trying to go to sleep, flashlight dancing, and of course, CODFISH. Jayden's new favorite game!)...Thanks again to all!
Last week, Maddie and Jayden went back to school on Thursday. Yup, our baby girl started Kindergarten and she loves it! When I picked her up the first day, anticipating that she would be missing me, as I missed her. She was happy to see me, but her first reply was, "But I didn't want to come home yet!" Then she told me that she made a new friend. It is so exciting and she looks so grown up in her uniform, her dad says she's a little school girl. She hates the uniforms because they "look like boys!" and there is no pink. The kids have to wear blue, red, white or green polos and navy or khaki bottoms. We love it, it makes it easy to get them ready. Jayden is such a great big brother, he goes and pick her up at her class after school and waits for carpool and makes sure she is buckled in. He loves having her at school with her. He watches the clock at school until she gets there at 12:30. We truly feel blessed to have the two very special kids we have. It is a little sad, I'm quite lonely during the day, so far, it is veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy quiet, my ears go numb!
Yesterday was not a very good day, to say the least. I ended up in the ER. My woman monthly thing and my endometriosis was so painful, I wasn't sure if I could walk, we almost called an ambulance. They checked my appendix, because I was having pain in my side the day before. But after all the labs they said I should see my OB and sent me home on morphine, whoa, that's a trip, and gave me a perscription of Loritab. So, we are doing a lot better today and hope it continues.
Jason is very stressed at work. He is so busy and working a lot and not getting commissions yet, so money is. NOT right now. He has been told after 6 months he will be more than happy with what he makes, but is all the stress and time going to be worth it?
We are supposed to go to the Mortensen parking lot reunion on Friday, but for health reasons, we may not until Sat or Sunday, camping (in a tent) may not work for me!
We hope you are all well and happy and we love you tons!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello this is a shout out to all the Tesch Authors Where are you?

We were hoping to hear from everyone on this blog. It is great to get caught up with Steve and TeschMesh but where is everyone else? If you are having trouble getting started we can help, please let us know if you are getting on okay.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Missing you all

Hey it's Steve. I am in Boise this week and really miss you all. I loved the reunion. Can everyone do another one next week. I have some great pictures that I will post next week. I also want to plead with all of you to use this site. It really is great and can keep us connected especially with our busy schedules. Jeff and Laura thank you for your efforts. If any of you need help I can as well as Jeff and Laura. It's really easy.
Just an update on us. I will be home for 4 days and then off to Blackfoot for 10 days. The kids start school next week. They are all excited to get in a ruetine again. Especially me! Candee is finishing the kitchen this week with the other cabnets and the desk. She would love a call from any of you, she gets a bit lonely while I am gone.

Love you all,
Tesch Tribe

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thanks everyone for a great reunion!! We love you all and enjoyed being with you. We are so fortunate to have such a close family in both relationships and in proximity. I was talking to a coworker and he asked how far family were traveling and from what States for our reunion. He couldn't believe that we all live so close. He also admitted that they don't have a reunion because of some hard feelings that haven't healed for years.

Thanks for working so hard to make it good for everyone. It seemed like we didn't even worry about who was assigned to what, everyone just worked together.

We love you.

The Teschmesh

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nice photo's Steve. The one with the seagull by Niagra looks like a postcard. Looks like you had fun as well.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

On the road in July

I am just getting to know my family again. I have been gone so much. Last week we had Candee's family reunion though and it was fun to be with Candee and the kids. But here are a few shots from my travels in July to Nauvoo and Palmyra.

It has been a crazy July for my family. I think I was only home for a couple of days. I know all of you love Nauvoo so I thought I would share some of my travel pictures. Oh and thanks Laura I love this idea. This is the way to go. I love it! Can't wait to see you all at the reunion.

To join in the blog follow directions:
  1. Check e-mail for invite
  2. Follow instructions to set up google account
  3. Follow instructions to join blog
  4. After registering sign in using your new password
  5. If you want to add a post hit new post and then publish post
  6. Please add your pictures and viedo clips
  7. Please provide family update each month by the 5th of the month
  8. Let try this method to keep in touch and see whats happening

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Badlands and Reunion

Our Badlands and Reunion Trip

Jeff, Noah and Joey hiked down the spillway. It was pretty cool!

We slept on the trailer. It was an amazing night of star gazing. None of us wanted to sleep.

Auston jumped off the wall at the spillway (cousin peer pressure is pretty strong).

The kids had fun just climbing up the hills.

Tesch Tribune

We are starting this blog to try it as an option for our family newsletter. I feel like we have been losing touch not having our newsletter. I hope this will work well. We can discuss it at the reunion and make sure that everyone knows how to do it.