Monday, November 30, 2009

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Murder/Mystery Dinner October 24, 5pm RSVP!!

The Honor of your presence
is requested for
The Masquerade Murder/Mystery Ball
to be held on
Saturday, October 17, 2009 5 pm.
At the Castle vonTesch in Eden
Given by
The Honorable Sir Jeffrey & Lady Laura

By separate invitation you and a select few Royals have been invited to the Castle vonTesch as the guests of Sir Jeffrey and Lady Laura. Come dressed in your finest 1800’s ball gown or dress as your favorite character but be sure to wear your mask (will be provided if needed). Be prepared for a night of dinner, mystery and fun! Please RSVP as soon as you can to save your place for the evening.
I thought you might be interested about the other guests that have been invited to attend. I have enclosed a list of the guests.
On behalf of the Castle vonTesch household, welcome, and may your stay be a pleasant one.
Sincerely, Lady L.

The Duke Larry Tesch
Duchess Dora Tesch
Marquees Mark Nuttall
Marchioness Rebeca Nuttall
The Earl Stephen B Tesch
Countess Candee Tesch
Baron Jason Bowels
Baroness Jennifer Bowels
Viscount Curtis Tesch
Viscountess Rebeca Tesch
Prince Jared Nuttall
Princess Latisha Nuttall
Count Michael Barlow
Countess Rebeca Barlow
Sir Jeffrey & Lady Laura vonTesch
There may be a couple of surprise guests!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TeschMesh Update

Thanks Steve for the Update Challenge. I loved reading yours It sounds like you guys are doing well!!!

Auston is loving Jr High he is maintaining honor roll status and this term he is working on a 4.0. He loved being on the school basketball team and just finished in a competition basketball league. He is on the track team running the 100M, 200M, long jump and high jump. He has really been working hard in Scouting and working toward Eagle. He enjoyed meeting his birth dad. (it’s been since he was 1 year old) Auston has loved getting to know him.

Jaclyn loves attending the Montessori School here in the Valley. The way they teach has really been good for Jaci. Of course she has made many new friends—all 9 in her class love her. Mom and Jaci have been riding their bikes to and from school a few times a week. Jaci has loved meeting her birth mom, and two great aunts. She did her great aunt Mary’s hair and loved seeing features they share.

Noah is really doing well in the Wolf Den. He has almost received his wolf badge and has only been in for 3 months. He is working on his beltloops and academic pins. He attended his first pinewood derby and had an awesome car. He won two races. He loves playing soccer and it is really fun to watch him play. He enjoys being in 2nd grade and says he has the best teacher in the world.

Joey wanted to be a cub scout really bad and so Mom is working with him as a Tiger Cub. He has already received his Bobcat and is working on his Tiger badge he is also working on his beltloops and academic pins. He is looking forward to the 1st grade Opera coming soon. They are practicing really hard. He will start baseball and he can’t wait because it is his favorite sport.

AbbyJo is loving Kindergarten she is doing so well. Each parent teacher conference her teacher says she gets an A+. She is loving playing with her friends and taking care of Allie. She loves our new little puppy “Chloe” she says now she is not the littlest in the family anymore. She and Jaci each adopted a Webkin and they are really enjoying taking care of their new web pets.

Jeff just finished his big Federal Review that comes around every three years.And he passed with flying colors. He had fun working in our yard during the good weather and can’t wait for it to come back. He is looking forward to the Old Man’s Motorcycle trip. He is also looking forward to June where he will go on the Pioneer Trek as a Pa.

Laura—still doing the same stuff. I love being a mom and taking care of our family. I enjoy the Young Women and I have really grown close to the girls and the leaders. We are having some great activities. I am looking forward to girls camp and the Stake Pioneer Trek. I really love playing outside and it was a great day when we set up our trampoline and hammocks. My favorite time is when we go as a family on bike rides. We have such a fun bike trail right here in the Valley.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tesch Tribe Updates

We are tired of the cold weather and snow. We finally had some time Saturday to work on the yard. What a great feeling it was to be outside. Kids are all great! Moriah asks everyday if it's time for her to go to Kindergarten. I have to remind her that she needs to finish pre-school and then after the summer. She loves school though and often comes down to my office after school and askes if she can work with me. She will color and work on the laptop or whatever. She is so funny every once in a while she will ask if she can take a break from work and go play. Lizzie has really blossemed in school. She had a hard time getting along with other kids at first in 1st grade but now her teacher says she is always looking out for others and trying to help them. Evie has really improved in her reading. She tries to take time to read to her sisters now, it's great to see her blossom. She also has had to do several presentations in front of the whole class and has really done surprisingly well and is very entertaining. Andrew is going to school an hour early every day to work on a lead part in their school play. They are doing "Horton hears a who" and Andrew plays the mayor. He has to wake me on occasion to take him cause it's sooo early. Spencer is doing a lot better in school. He has decided that homework really isn't that bad. He sets aside 1 hour each day and really hits it hard. He also is really enjoying scouts and looks forward to campouts coming up. Josh is done with girls. He is grounded forever. He has decided that it's still cool and fund to do stuff with his guy friends. After some long talks and reviewing the for the strength of youth paphlet on his own he started a new school club. It's called the "I will not date until I am 16 club". I am proud of him for correcting his path. Candee has two things on her mind: the yard and womens conference. She also has been on a make dinner from scratch kick lately. We are having some awesome dinners. I am doing great! I love my business. It is a bit stressful not having income yet but I know it is so close to taking off. I have over 50 candidates I am working with to get them jobs. They are at different levels of progression. I have a couple that are in the interview stage and the fees are amazing if they are placed. I still feel like I learn something new to improve the business every day. Church is going great. I love working with the youth. I have amazing counselors that really carry a lot of the load and so many people that do their callings so well.

We love all of you and always feel great after spending time with each of you. Thanks Jenn and Jason for the great activities this last month. We are ready to go back to Taggarts anytime!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tesch Family Picnic

Tesch Family Picnic and Games

Saturday, March 28th from 2pm till dark

Location: Steve and Candee's Church

Please bring your favorite picnic sandwiches to share and a bag of chips, also your favorite kid board game
kind of a pot luck picnic style

RSVP: Steve 801-540-6467

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Noah Baptism

Noah will be baptized on January 31 @ 12 noon. It will be at the white church by our home. We will be having a luncheoun afterward there at the church and then we will have our snow party so bring warm clothes. Thanks everyone.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Family Activity Schedule

Jan - Jeff & Laura
Feb - Curt & Becky
Mar - Steve & Candee
Apr - Jason & Jen
May - Mark & Becky
Jun - Curt & Becky
Jul - Dad & Mom
Aug - Steve & Candee
Sep - Jason & Jen
Oct - Jeff & Laura
Nov - Mark & Becky
Dec - Dad & Mom

If you have any questions or would
like to make any changes let us
know. We are looking forward to
a New Year of Family Fun & Service.

Love, Mom & Dad

Friday, January 2, 2009

January Activities

Saturday January 17th @ 2pm Snow Fun!! Dress Warm!!
Jeff- Chilli
Mom- Cheese
Steve- Hot chocolate
Bowles- Corn chips
Curt- Scour cream

Monday January 26th @ 6:15 Ogden Rescue Mission Couples Night (kids welcome)