Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks to Mark & Becky for the informative and fun evening. It was great to be with all of you. How blessed we feel to have such a great family and that they enjoy being together. The information was very timely. Dad & I didn't know what the video was about and yet we were thinking about preparedness as well. We are concerned that we are going to have some difficult and trying times ahead. If we listen and heed the counsel of our Prophet and do as we have been counseled we have no need to fear. Several of our family have reaped the blessings of food storage. We pray that we may all continue to prepare, especially spiritually. Check out Helaman 12 and see if it sounds like today.
Have a great trip Jeff & Laura! We love you all! See you at the next one.
Love ya! Dad & Mom

On my records I show that Steve & Candee - October, Jason & Jen - November,
Dad & I - December. If that isn't correct let me know.

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