Sunday, October 26, 2008

The murderer is in the house! Are you watching behind you?...
Just wait it will be one of your turn next year!=)
Hey- Jeff and Laura, just wanted to say thank you for a very fun evening!
We had a blast! Thank you so much! It was great to be with all of you and
we'll see you on Friday at Steve and Candee's.
Also, I assume you all have heard, I am not going in for surgery tomorrow.
Good-cuz surgery is no fun. Bad-cuz we were all ready to get it over with (mentally, physically, emotionally, all that good stuff). But thankful-cuz my doctor was guided and felt it would not be safe at this time. So, pray that it will be next Monday, if that is what should be.
Thanks to you all for your love and support. Your are awesome and I feel blessed to have such amazing worthy priesthood holders to give me a blessing.
Love you all!
You're the BEST!!!

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TeschMesh said...

We are praying for you and wish you the best! We hope all goes well TeschMesh