Friday, August 22, 2008

Missing you all

Hey it's Steve. I am in Boise this week and really miss you all. I loved the reunion. Can everyone do another one next week. I have some great pictures that I will post next week. I also want to plead with all of you to use this site. It really is great and can keep us connected especially with our busy schedules. Jeff and Laura thank you for your efforts. If any of you need help I can as well as Jeff and Laura. It's really easy.
Just an update on us. I will be home for 4 days and then off to Blackfoot for 10 days. The kids start school next week. They are all excited to get in a ruetine again. Especially me! Candee is finishing the kitchen this week with the other cabnets and the desk. She would love a call from any of you, she gets a bit lonely while I am gone.

Love you all,
Tesch Tribe

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