Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are here!!!

Hey sorry we haven't contributed yet! We too have been very busy. We had a blast at the reunion, a great big thanks to Jeff and Laura. We vote next year to go for a whole week! It didn't feel like quite enough! It was super fun! We said next year even if we have a trailor, we doubt we'd stay in it. We'd miss out on too much (Steve and Candee - flashes in the night that blind you while trying to go to sleep, flashlight dancing, and of course, CODFISH. Jayden's new favorite game!)...Thanks again to all!
Last week, Maddie and Jayden went back to school on Thursday. Yup, our baby girl started Kindergarten and she loves it! When I picked her up the first day, anticipating that she would be missing me, as I missed her. She was happy to see me, but her first reply was, "But I didn't want to come home yet!" Then she told me that she made a new friend. It is so exciting and she looks so grown up in her uniform, her dad says she's a little school girl. She hates the uniforms because they "look like boys!" and there is no pink. The kids have to wear blue, red, white or green polos and navy or khaki bottoms. We love it, it makes it easy to get them ready. Jayden is such a great big brother, he goes and pick her up at her class after school and waits for carpool and makes sure she is buckled in. He loves having her at school with her. He watches the clock at school until she gets there at 12:30. We truly feel blessed to have the two very special kids we have. It is a little sad, I'm quite lonely during the day, so far, it is veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy quiet, my ears go numb!
Yesterday was not a very good day, to say the least. I ended up in the ER. My woman monthly thing and my endometriosis was so painful, I wasn't sure if I could walk, we almost called an ambulance. They checked my appendix, because I was having pain in my side the day before. But after all the labs they said I should see my OB and sent me home on morphine, whoa, that's a trip, and gave me a perscription of Loritab. So, we are doing a lot better today and hope it continues.
Jason is very stressed at work. He is so busy and working a lot and not getting commissions yet, so money is. NOT right now. He has been told after 6 months he will be more than happy with what he makes, but is all the stress and time going to be worth it?
We are supposed to go to the Mortensen parking lot reunion on Friday, but for health reasons, we may not until Sat or Sunday, camping (in a tent) may not work for me!
We hope you are all well and happy and we love you tons!!!

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