Monday, September 1, 2008

I am so glad you had a good time Mom and Dad! We all know how stressful the last several months has been for you. We love you so much. Thanks so much for always being there for each of us in our trials. What can we do to better take care of YOU two?

Steve and Candee, we will keep you in our prayers. Change is scary but can end up being a blessing.

Everyone, lets dedicate our fast next week to Steve that he will find success in this new career. We actually had our fast Sunday yesterday due to Stake Conference next week but we would love to fast with everyone for Steve and Candee.

My testimony of fasting has grown tremendously over the last few years. We have seen incredible miracles over and over as a ward. We have seen not only Laura recover from cancer but many others - some were given little hope by doctors. When we show our faith through prayer and fasting our Heavenly Father blesses us.

I had a great experience up at the cabin Saturday. Me, Brice, Alan drove up together. It was fun to get to know them a little better. Brenda, Jay and Tracy were up there as well. We were able to accomplish so much. If any of you need or want firewood there is an incredible amount of wood just laying around that would be good to harvest. It could even be a great scout project to earn some $$$. I understand that a cord of wood sells for about $150. Call Jay if you are interested. Over the next few years there will be opportunities to go up and help upgrade and build the shower house. I know you all wanted to go this past weekend. I also know how hard it is to find time for anything extra. Even if it is only one of our family that makes it up on a work weekend it will show our commitment. It really could end up being a more comfortable facility for the family.

Hope all of you are settling in to school schedules well.

Love you all,

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