Sunday, September 21, 2008

Couples Night

Thanks to Becky and Mark for the great night last night. I was a little worried about feeling guilty on a date night like we weren't prepared but I will be honest, Candee and I are fired up to get prepared. We are so excited to try some of the things we learned last night. It was nice to laugh and have a good time too. We are anxious for our next activity already. We feel so blessed to have such a great family.

By the way who has October? Is it Jeff and Laura?

Just a quick update. Spencer is giving his first talk in sacrament meeting today. Josh is the school mascot for this year and has a mojor part in a school production. Spencer and Andrew are both doing ballroom. The girls all love school too. Moriah has a hard time not being with the other kids though. She only goes Mon. Wed. and Fri. In fact yesterday (Saturday) all of the kids were at friends and Moriah was helping Daddy clean out the garage and she looked really sad and I asked what was wrong and she said that she missed her family and started to cry. It was sooooooo sweat but also reminded me that we need to try to do more as a family. We often get so busy doing our thing that we forget those that mean the most.

Candee is going crazy with dejunking the house. I have made so many trips to the dumps and DI that its crazy. Maybe I shouldn't have quit Living Scriptures its harder working for Candee. No really its great!!! Yes I did quit my job and they offered part-time if I want it to suppliment the change. I will be getting the contract on Monday from HCA and I will have to review it for a couple of days but then I will be sending them the check and the contract and start my business within a few days. We are so excited.

Anyway thanks again for a great night!!! We sure love you all.

Tesch Tribe

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