Thursday, September 3, 2009

Murder/Mystery Dinner October 24, 5pm RSVP!!

The Honor of your presence
is requested for
The Masquerade Murder/Mystery Ball
to be held on
Saturday, October 17, 2009 5 pm.
At the Castle vonTesch in Eden
Given by
The Honorable Sir Jeffrey & Lady Laura

By separate invitation you and a select few Royals have been invited to the Castle vonTesch as the guests of Sir Jeffrey and Lady Laura. Come dressed in your finest 1800’s ball gown or dress as your favorite character but be sure to wear your mask (will be provided if needed). Be prepared for a night of dinner, mystery and fun! Please RSVP as soon as you can to save your place for the evening.
I thought you might be interested about the other guests that have been invited to attend. I have enclosed a list of the guests.
On behalf of the Castle vonTesch household, welcome, and may your stay be a pleasant one.
Sincerely, Lady L.

The Duke Larry Tesch
Duchess Dora Tesch
Marquees Mark Nuttall
Marchioness Rebeca Nuttall
The Earl Stephen B Tesch
Countess Candee Tesch
Baron Jason Bowels
Baroness Jennifer Bowels
Viscount Curtis Tesch
Viscountess Rebeca Tesch
Prince Jared Nuttall
Princess Latisha Nuttall
Count Michael Barlow
Countess Rebeca Barlow
Sir Jeffrey & Lady Laura vonTesch
There may be a couple of surprise guests!!

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