Monday, April 20, 2009

Tesch Tribe Updates

We are tired of the cold weather and snow. We finally had some time Saturday to work on the yard. What a great feeling it was to be outside. Kids are all great! Moriah asks everyday if it's time for her to go to Kindergarten. I have to remind her that she needs to finish pre-school and then after the summer. She loves school though and often comes down to my office after school and askes if she can work with me. She will color and work on the laptop or whatever. She is so funny every once in a while she will ask if she can take a break from work and go play. Lizzie has really blossemed in school. She had a hard time getting along with other kids at first in 1st grade but now her teacher says she is always looking out for others and trying to help them. Evie has really improved in her reading. She tries to take time to read to her sisters now, it's great to see her blossom. She also has had to do several presentations in front of the whole class and has really done surprisingly well and is very entertaining. Andrew is going to school an hour early every day to work on a lead part in their school play. They are doing "Horton hears a who" and Andrew plays the mayor. He has to wake me on occasion to take him cause it's sooo early. Spencer is doing a lot better in school. He has decided that homework really isn't that bad. He sets aside 1 hour each day and really hits it hard. He also is really enjoying scouts and looks forward to campouts coming up. Josh is done with girls. He is grounded forever. He has decided that it's still cool and fund to do stuff with his guy friends. After some long talks and reviewing the for the strength of youth paphlet on his own he started a new school club. It's called the "I will not date until I am 16 club". I am proud of him for correcting his path. Candee has two things on her mind: the yard and womens conference. She also has been on a make dinner from scratch kick lately. We are having some awesome dinners. I am doing great! I love my business. It is a bit stressful not having income yet but I know it is so close to taking off. I have over 50 candidates I am working with to get them jobs. They are at different levels of progression. I have a couple that are in the interview stage and the fees are amazing if they are placed. I still feel like I learn something new to improve the business every day. Church is going great. I love working with the youth. I have amazing counselors that really carry a lot of the load and so many people that do their callings so well.

We love all of you and always feel great after spending time with each of you. Thanks Jenn and Jason for the great activities this last month. We are ready to go back to Taggarts anytime!!!

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